“What can I do to help you be most successful?”  This is a question any effective leader should be asking his team on a regular basis.  After all, strengthening and helping each team member to do his best will ultimately bring the most success to the team and the business as a whole.Profit

What do you think might be the response if the CIO asked the CMO, “What can I do to help you be most successful?”  Perhaps some of the CMO’s thoughts might be: 

  • Help us to better understand our customers.  We need to have a firm grasp on the information we already have about our customers, and we need to associate that information where possible with data from external sources to give us the most complete picture.  Help us to quickly add new sources of external data as we discover and obtain them. 
  • Provide a total picture of each customer to all employees involved with customer interaction.  Eliminate any information silos that currently segregate customers by product.  Update this ‘customer database’ in real-time with each customer interaction regardless of channel.

  • Help us provide a consistent customer experience across all channels.  And if a customer transfers from one agent to another (or one channel to another) during a transaction, provide the new agent (or channel) with the knowledge already collected throughout the transaction so that, for example, the customer does not have to repeat himself.  At the same time, give us cross-channel tools to present our customer with the best product for his profile during this interaction.
  • Help us generate more quality leads and then drastically reduce the current time elapsed in following up on those leads.
  • Help us to get new products to market much fasterEven better, help us to find ways to use technology in testing new ideas in our marketplace quickly and without significant cost. 
  • Keep an eye on how our competitors and our industry are using technologyWatch other industries as well, and keep us informed on what potential technological disruptors might lie in the future for our company.
  • Help us retain the confidence of our customers that their personal information is safe with us.  Keep us safe from outsiders trying to harm us… and protect us from ourselves.
  • Continue to improve our operational efficiency while keeping our customer in mind.  Make it easy for our customer to do business with us.
  • Help us become faster, more flexible and more nimble as a company.  Help us find ways to reduce our costs of keeping the lights on so we will have more to invest in moving forward.
  • Help our management team to make sound, fact-based decisions more quickly by readily providing current information that we can easily digest at a high-level but can drill into details as needed.
  • Work with us as a full partner – concentrating on our business. This isn’t about who controls what.  It is about succeeding together.   Help us drive this business forward.  Find ways to get things done. 
  • Realize that you don’t need to do this all in-house.  Concentrate on things that differentiate our company and productsSpend as little time & money as possible on other things. 

So…what do you think?  Is this a question that is routinely asked at your company?  If not, why not?   

What are other things the CMO might offer the CIO in response to the question, “What can I do to help you be most successful?” 

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