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In far too many companies today, IT staffs express a similar sentiment:   “We are just order takers.  We have a lot of good ideas, but they won’t listen to us.  Many times we see other things that would better help their department, but they don’t seem to care.  They just want what they want when they want it.”Not Controlling but Enabling

And then you can walk across the hall and hear things like:  “IT reminds us of our grade school cafeteria.  They only offer us one selection, and if we don’t want that, too bad!“  You might also hear:  “We just want to get the job done in the best way possible for our company.  We know there are better apps out there; we use them at home.  Why can’t we get them at work?  We know several other companies that are now allowing people to use their own phones and even their own apps for work.  Others are using software in the cloud and paying for that each month with their corporate credit card.  More companies are doing this every day, but our IT department won’t allow any of that.  They are so controlling and behind the times!  They are a roadblock to getting our work done.”  You also find terms like “the IT police” or “the Department of NO!” applied to the IT department.

Wow!  What a difference!  And everyone on both sides agrees that they only want what is best for the company. 

Obviously there is a great need for controls around IT systems and information.  Controls are put in place to ensure privacy of customer information and to secure corporate data from competitors.  Security and balancing controls provide separation of duties in preventing fraud and error.  Change management controls enhance the stability of corporate systems.  Audit and regulatory changes necessitated more controls.  The proliferation of end-user databases (such as Microsoft Access) often brought about more controls to reduce time wasted in trying to come to a single version of the truth across all the reports that theoretically should have been showing the same results.

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