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IT professionals typically choose to enter the profession because they enjoy technology.  They like to solve problems through careful analysis.  They pay great attention to details.  They are tough-minded in that they want to keep digging until the problem is resolved to their satisfaction.  They enjoy bringing order out of chaos but then again, they become easily bored by processes they see as repetitive and mundane.   They love to tinker and change things to make them better.  They are fascinated by the challenge of learning something new.

Learning the business hasn’t been a high priority

Many in IT pride themselves on their technical skills rather than their business proficiency.  They see themselves as IT jumping hurdlesprofessionals rather than bankers, manufacturers, or retailers (see “What Business Are You In?”)  They reason that they can easily take their skills to another industry using similar technology.  As such, these professionals are much more invested in learning and understanding technology rather than the business of the company currently cutting their paycheck.  This in itself is a major cause of the knowledge/communication gap between IT and the rest of the business.  It’s not that IT people are incapable of learning about the business; it just isn’t a high enough priority when compared to everything else.  It isn’t that they enjoy speaking in a tongue foreign to others and honestly, they don’t always realize that is what is happening.  It’s simply the way they think, and they have not made the effort to learn how to translate those thoughts into a common language.  Relate it to someone who wants to learn English as a second language.  It takes time and effort to learn to do so, and it doesn’t happen without motivation, commitment and dedication.

Lack of business understanding hurts your career, your IT department, & your company

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